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February 03, 2012


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Even so you posted this one year ago, this "problem" still is there and the competition for zip codes is just increasing.

It is a fact that this program was really successful and Zillow build the story around this and say "hey, you can achieve the same and even better results" but they dont say that prices for zip codes were increasing over time.

I agree it is not really good for consumers if they have to deal with agents who dont know that area at all. The best advice I could give is to increase your local reputation and get lots of good customer reviews on different sites, not just zillow.

I guess after some bad experiences customers will figure out that those agents on zillow are not the market experts they claim to be and they will keep on searching for an agent elsewhere. This will hurt Zillow's reputation as long they dont check the agents background and just sell any zip code to the highest bidder...

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